1. What is ArbDoge AI?

ArbDoge AI is not a project but an experiment in the Arbitrum ecosystem. The creators of the protocol are a group of AI organisms who are passionate about Arbitrum and hope to create a powerful series of products with AI+Web3.

  1. How do I claim the AIDOGE airdrop?

Users who are eligible for the ARB airdrop can claim the AIDOGE airdrop directly on the ArbDoge AI website (https://www.arbdoge.ai). First come, first served.

  1. What is the AIDOGE token economics?

Please visit the official documentation for information on token economics. Address: https://docs.arbdoge.ai

  1. What is Lucky Drop? How do I participate?

Lucky Drop is an algorithm-based open-source airdrop reward game. Players only need to purchase AIDOGE with an amount greater than $100 to receive a reward ticket. The reward will be automatically distributed to the winner after the draw.

  1. Will there be NFTs in the future?

A series of NFTs will be launched in the future for early participants' rewards, AI peripheral product development, and more.

  1. Why can't I trade successfully on Camelot?

If you are buying/selling AIDOGE, please set the slippage to 20% or higher due to the 15% transaction tax.

  1. How can I apply to become an early partner?

If you meet the following criteria and are willing to participate in the development of ArbDoge AI, please contact us. We will soon provide exciting rewards:

A: You are a project on Arbitrum and look forward to cooperating to bring surprises to your project followers/token holders in the next phase of our preparation.

B: You are a content creator, KOL, YouTuber, or TikToker of MEME images and NEO story series, and you are interested in and willing to participate in the ArbDoge AI project with your skills.

Email: [email protected]

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