Product Introduction

AIDOGE Launchpad is a fair asset issuance platform that aims to provide customized services for asset issuers and better security, transparency and convenience for users.

AIDOGE Launchpad is part of ArbDoge.AI's product. We support multi-chain asset issuance: Arbitrum, Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain, Optimism, Linea.

AIDOGE has over 266,000 unique holders. Wide AIDOGE distribution and huge AIDOGE community are the driving force behind the AIDOGE Launchpad platform.

A minimum of 1% of each asset launched on the AIDOGE Launchpad will be allocated to AIDOGE stakers.

How to use

Visit Launchpad official website to start using this platform.

Please use Chainlist to add testnet RPC to use Launchpad test website.

Explore projects

You can explore all projects on our official Launchpad website's homepage and projects list page, and easily filter and search based on your preferences.

Filter projects

You can filter for the latest deployment projects and the most popular projects.

Search projects

You can find the project you're looking for by entering the contract address or project name.

View project

Each project has a unique homepage you can view all of the project's details.

Which contains:

  1. Contract address

  2. Deployment time and issuance time

  3. Network

  4. Total amount of tokens and distribution information

  5. Availability and Price

  6. Participant requirements

Project links are unreviewed external links. Be careful, it may contain codes and fraudulent information. Protect your private keys and assets. Do not connect wallets and sign casually.

Project progress

Each project has different stages, you can check the progress status on the project homepage:

  1. Coming soon

  2. Ongoing

  3. Closed


There are two Mint ways for project issuance, depending on the settings of the project party.

Free Mint

For free Mint, you can click the "Mint" button on the project homepage to authorize the wallet and complete the mint process.

Sales Mint

For sales Mint, you can click the "Mint" button on the project homepage, authorize the wallet, pay the corresponding fees, and complete the mint process. The asset issuer will receive 80% of the collected sale funds.


  1. If the project is in the "Turbo-cooling period", extra platform fees need to be paid for token minting.

  2. By default, all project participants are eligible to participate in Mint, regardless of whether they hold AIDOGE in their wallet, unless the project party configures relevant settings in the asset issuance interface.

Turbo-cooling period

Both Free Mint and Sales Mint can be launched on the AIDOGE Launchpad platform. To prevent bot front-running, we have introduced the concept of a platform fee called a "Turbo-cooling period".

Example: when the number of Mint (token mint) exceeds 10 within 1 minute, it enters the Turbo-cooling period. There is an extra fee to Mint during this period. If the number of Mint still exceeds 10 within 1 minute in the Turbo-cooling period, it will enter the next Turbo-cooling period and the extra fee will increase. Vise versa, if the number of Mint does not exceed 10 within 1 minute, it will go back to the previous period until it returns to the non-Turbo-cooling period.

The "platform fee" generated at this time varies according to the stage, and the price is different.

Platform fees

PeriodPlatform fees (extra)

Turbo-cooling period I

0.005 ETH

Turbo-cooling period II

0.01 ETH

Turbo-cooling period III

0.015 ETH

Turbo-cooling period IV

0.02 ETH

Turbo-cooling period V

0.025 ETH

Turbo-cooling period VI

0.03 ETH

Turbo-cooling period Ⅶ

0.035 ETH

Turbo-cooling period Ⅷ

0.04 ETH

Turbo-cooling period Ⅸ

0.045 ETH

Turbo-cooling period Ⅹ

0.05 ETH

Allocation of platform fees collected from "Turbo-cooling period"

Token issue time is limited to 72 hours. After that, 50% of the income will be used to buyback AIDOGE and distributed to AIDOGE stakers; 20% will be used as team development and marketing funds; 30% will be converted into ARB and managed by AICODE holders;

Unminted tokens after 72 hours will be burned.

Note: the platform fee income only comes from extra fees paid by users during the "Turbo-cooling period".

Claim Airdrop

The platform requires every project launching on AIDOGE Launchpad must allocate >5% tokens to $AIDOGE stakers, so if you have staked $AIDOGE, you can claim your token airdrop here:

On the Claim Page, you can see all the claimable airdrops from various projects. You can claim one airdrop from one project or claim them all in one click.

How to launch project

Project owners can launch projects on the AIDOGE Launchpad official website.

Launch page:

Fill in basic information

  1. Project Name

  2. Symbol

  3. Number of Decimals

  4. Total Supply

  5. Logo

  6. Mint Amount

  7. Mint Time

  8. Network

  9. Website

  10. Social Media Links

Fill in the Issuance information

  1. Pricing

  2. % share allocated to AIDOGE stakers

  3. % reserved for LP

  4. Reserved a share for team or not

  5. Open single token staking pool or not

  6. Set Project Margin

  7. At least xxx $AIDOGE in users’ wallet

  8. At least xxx [other tokens] in users’ wallet

Project Margin

The project party can set the project margin independently when creating the project.

This margin will form the initial liquidity with the reserved LP Token and be locked in FlokiFi.

Issue Project

When the project party is preparing to issue a project, it needs to pay $50 in ETH/BNB (depending on the public chain related). This part will be included in the platform revenue and distributed according to the rules.


Three ad spaces on the homepage of Launchpad’s official website accept bidding for display.

Advertising link:

How to bid

  1. Choose an ad space

  2. Select a time period

  3. Fill in the contact information

  4. Upload advertising content (please upload according to the required resolution)

  5. Fill in the payment amount

Please Note:

If the current ad space is occupied by others, you should pay a higher ad price to replace the current one (the current price is displayed on the ad).

The ETH/BNB paid-for advertisement must be no less than $50 to be successfully displayed.



1% of tokens issued by each project will be distributed directly to AIDOGE stakers.

50% of the collected platform fees will be used to buyback AIDOGE and distributed to AIDOGE stakers.

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