Truth AIDOGE NFT is an NFT Collection co-created by AIGC and the community, and it is also the first NFT Collection issued by ArbDoge.AI.

Thanks to the rapid development of AIGC, each AIDO has truly recorded the PFPs of AIDOGEs living in ArbCity in our minds. These PFPs showcase individuals from diverse cultures and regions, united by shared ideals, distinct personalities, and a multitude of styles.

Through AI technology and the power of the community, we have built our own brand and opened up limitless possibilities.

This is where our story begins.

Truth AIDOGE-AIDO explores the truth of AI technology with the community in a unique way, and is dedicated to community building and sharing brand values. The AIDO you purchased is not only an exquisite PFP artwork, but also unlocks the following exclusive membership benefits.

Status Symbol

Unlock exclusive member channels and enjoy a range of premium benefits, including:

  • Subsequent derivatives, NFT airdrops

  • Early access for new products

  • Participation in exclusive online and offline member activities

Distribute Royalties

NFT Holders share 50% of the royalty income through the staking system, including the royalty income of future derivative NFT Collection.

Limited Supply

AIDO has a minting limit of 10,000, and any remaining unminted NFTs at the end of the minting period will be destroyed.

Breakthroughs of Truth AIDOGE – AIDO


Different from the traditional PFP NFT collections, the creation of AIDO is based on the cutting-edge AIGC technology, and it is an NFT Collection co-created by community members. The community shares the value of AIDO brand building.

Community First

At AIDO, community voices and participation hold utmost significance. We have reserved 500 AIDO NFTs exclusively for community members to contribute their creativity.


AIDO characters include more than 10 occupations and hundreds of distinctive traits, ranging from technology to religion, and from fantasy to reality. We believe you can find a profound emotional connection.


The following is not the entire roadmap of AIDO, but only the work that the AI ​​team will implement soon. The wave of AIDO has arrived. This is not a field exclusive to a few people, but a new world co-created and owned by every community member. The future development of AIDO rests in the hands of every community member, and everyone is a part of the AI team.

  1. Burn: After the NFT minting ends, all unminted NFTs will be burned.

  2. Revenue Sharing: All revenue generated from the Truth AIDOGE-AIDO Collection in $ETH, after deducting marketing expenses, will be used to buyback $ARB and distributed to $AICODE holders. All $AICODE revenue will be transferred to an address with a time lock, and used to incentivize ecosystem development in the future.

  3. NFT Reveal: NFT reveal will take place 10 days after the completion of the NFT minting.

  4. Discord Exclusive Role: AIDO holders will get access to an exclusive Discord server.

  5. Staking Rewards Pool: Launch NFT Staking system and distribute royalties to NFT holders.

  6. Equity NFT Airdrop through the staking system.

Mint Stages: Whitelist Stage - AICODE Mint Stage

Any unminted AIDO NFTs will be destroyed. The final Truth AIDOGE NFT Collection supply will be 10,000 minus the quantity that has been burned.

Mint Truth AIDOGE - AIDO

1,000 AIDO NFTs will be minted on binance NFT INO;

9,000 AIDO NFTs will be minted on the official website of ArbDoge.AI for a limited time.

AIDO is issued on the Ethereum network, make sure your on-chain wallet is on Ethereum mainnet with sufficient balance.

Binance NFT INO

Quantity: 1,000

Price: 150 USDT

Each user is limited to purchasing 2 tickets.

StakingPage Live

Before 8:00AM 06/02 UTC


06/10 00:00AM UTC - 06/12 2:00AM UTC


06/12 02:00AM UTC - 06/13 9:00AM UTC


06/13 9:00AM UTC -06/13 12:00PM UTC


06/13 12:00PM UTC

Whitelist Stage

A total of 2,000 mystery boxes are available during this stage, priced at $200 equivalent in ETH.

There are two types of whitelists:

Guaranteed Whitelist

1,500 slots will be allocated to contributors such as community ambassadors, creators, collaborative NFT communities, and marketing campaigns.


500 slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will take a snapshot of the blue-chip NFT holder projects at the specified time and add them to the whitelist.

Once the whitelist mint is completed or 4 hours have passed, the AICODE Mint Stage will begin.

The unsold NFTs in the Whitelist round will be destroyed directly.

Whitelist Period

Guaranteed Whitelist:06/13 12:00 UTC-06/13 16:00 UTC

Allowlist: 06/13 13:00 UTC-06/13 16:00 UTC

AICODE Mint Stage

A total of 7,000 mystery boxes are available during this stage, with prices ranging from $230 to $500 equivalent in AICODE.

The mint method follows a tiered pricing structure, with each tier consisting of 700 NFTs. Once a tier is minted out, the mint moves on to the next tier. After 24 hours from the start of the Truth AIDOGE NFT collection mystery box sales, any remaining unsold NFTs will be destroyed.

There are a total of 10 tiers established, each comprising 700 NFTs. The pricing starts at $230 (AICODE equivalent) for the first tier and increases by $30 for each subsequent tier.

AICODE Mint Period

06/13 16:00 UTC-06/14 16:00 UTC

NFT Reveal

06/24 12:00 UTC

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