NFT Traits

Rarity Ranking #1 - Dio

The supreme god in the world of AIDO, he stands out from the crowd by wearing traditional royal attire passed down from ancestors a century ago. Their garments are woven with exquisite fabrics and threads of gold and silver, exuding a rich historical atmosphere. Each piece of clothing is meticulously crafted and adorned, showcasing their divine majesty and nobility.

Quantity: 24; Probability: 0.73%

Rarity Ranking #2 - Falcon

With an adventurous spirit, they actively explore the unknown cosmic environment by rocket. As true explorers, Falcon shoulder an extremely important mission to extend human exploration to the boundaries of the universe. Fearless of hardships and dangers, they resolutely boarded the rocket and embarked on a unique journey to every mysterious and attractive destination.

Quantity: 30; Probability: 0.91%

Rarity Ranking #3 - Anubis

An interdimensional race consisting of Anubis, great priests, assassins, rebels, and bounty hunters. They have been loyal to Anubis for generations and live in remote deserts. As mysterious and powerful beings, they have the ability to communicate with the AIDO civilization, all of which stem from the breaking of the "dimension wall", allowing them to cross the time dimension.

Quantity: 44; Probability: 1.34%

Rarity Ranking #4 - Hadifa

The sacred mage camp with black robes and white robes. A mage who has earned the title of "Black Hand" must be familiar with the use of all magic. They are elites with ancient and mysterious powers and are famous for their wisdom and skills. Black robe mages are known for their powerful magical powers and mastery of various forbidden spells. They delve into the mysteries of darkness and bravely venture to realms shunned by ordinary mages. Relatively speaking, white robe mages are more inclined to order and light. They adhere to the principles of law and justice and use their magical powers to protect peace and justice.

Quantity: 59; Probability: 1.79%

Rarity Ranking #5 - Spartan

They yearn for strict discipline, and are famous for their loyalty and bravery. Under the leader "Javier", Sparta became one of the most combative groups. They learned a variety of combat techniques, including swordsmanship, marksmanship, fistfighting and strategic planning. Their weapons and armor are carefully crafted for maximum protection and combat effectiveness. They believe that discipline and teamwork are the keys to victory.

Quantity: 69; Probability: 2.10%

Rarity Ranking #6 - Shido

They have five characters: Master, Samurai, Ninja, Spy, and Diva. They are the distant and mysterious forces of the East. Due to the invasion of Cyberpunk, they not only possessed high-end equipment but also mastered advanced technology and secret skills. Under the guidance of Master, they became a world-renowned intelligence-gathering organization.

Quantity: 76; Probability: 2.31%

Rarity Ranking #7 - Flora

In the jungle, Flora is an adventurer who lives in harmony with nature. He is not only familiar with the properties of all the plants, but also can survive and navigate with the help of the jungle resources. He knows which plants can heal wounds and which vines can help him cross swamps. He is also a great hunter, capable of skillfully tracking and capturing prey.

Quantity: 79; Probability: 2.40%

Rarity Ranking #8 - PlanB

Consists of "researchers" and "mercenaries", they are one of the most mysterious organizations in the AIDO world and one of the few that survived the "Great Blackout" of 2049. As urban mercenaries, members of PlanB have outstanding combat skills and diverse expertise. After strict training, they are good at using various advanced weapons and equipment. Whether it is close combat or long-range shooting, they can respond quickly and gain an advantage in complex environments.

Quantity: 87; Probability: 2.65%

Rarity Ranking #9 - Banco

The economic voice in the AIDO world is always controlled by a small number of people. Bancos is one of the most influential and wealthy families in the AIDO world. They are economic giants and control huge amounts of capital and resources. They have achieved great success in investment, finance and business with their wisdom, insight and courage. Their ancestors established their place in finance hundreds of years ago by trading from the benches of Venice.

Quantity: 88; Probability: 2.68%

Rarity Ranking #10 - Wire

Similar in appearance, technical level, and lifestyle to the researchers of PlanB, but this organization was born with only one goal: solve the "Great Blackout" problem. In history, only three researchers claimed to have a way to stop the "Great Blackout", but all of them disappeared for no reason.

Quantity: 88; Probability: 2.68%

Rarity Ranking #11 - Moneta

Moneta works in AIDO’s stock trading field. They were born at the bottom of AIDO society and devoted themselves to the world of stock trading in order to change their destiny and pursue a better life. They have gone through hard work and arduous training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Becoming a member of Banco is their only goal.

Quantity: 209; Probability: 6.36%

Rarity Ranking #12 - Cityboy

A violent organization composed of urban warriors and policemen, they are the defenders and guardians in the AIDO world. As urban fighters, they have undergone rigorous training and are familiar with the use of various weapons and the implementation of tactics. When AIDO's living environment is threatened, they will immediately initiate a counterattack against the "intruder". Blitzkrieg is their best tactic.

Quantity: 221; Probability: 6.72%

Rarity Ranking #13 - Hack

Salespersons in the daytime who become skilled hackers at night. They are winners of countless "bug bounties" in the AIDO world, but their identities are just a string of codes.

Quantity: 298; Probability: 9.06%

Rarity Ranking #14 - Ciubbi

Ciubbi is a group of thieves with unique background and skills. They have a kind nature, but they have to engage in theft in order to survive. In the AIDO world, they face a multitude of challenging circumstances, including scarce resources, social instability, and the struggle for survival. So they steal to get what they need to live and to provide for themselves and others. They are also sellers on the AIDO intelligence marketplace.

Quantity: 352; Probability: 10.71%

Rarity Ranking #15 - AIDOs

AIDOs are the foundation of AIDO city, they are the residents and builders of the city. As ordinary citizens, most of them have little ambition, and they live an ordinary and peaceful life. Through individual study, a small number of citizens have been raised to the elite class of AIDO. They work and live in various areas of the city, contributing to the prosperity and stability of the city.

Quantity: 386; Probability: 11.74%

Rarity Ranking #16 - CoLab Gems

At AIDO, community voices and participation hold utmost significance. These 500 AIDO NFTs are exclusively created by our community members.

Quantity: 500; Probability: 15.21%

Rarity Ranking #17 - Machine

A unique form of life that combines elements of machines and creatures. Experimentally modified, their anatomy was given mechanized properties, augmented by the implantation of machine parts and artificial intelligence systems. They possess the efficiency of machines, a meticulous 0/1 thinking logic, while also exhibiting the sensibility and emotions characteristic of living beings.

Quantity: 678; Probability: 20.62%

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