Please note that the old version of the staking system has been upgraded to Vault. Please go to the Earn v1 page to withdraw your staked tokens.


Holders of AIDOGE and AICODE can earn rewards by staking tokens through the Vault page.

Staking Address:

Staking AIDOGE yields AIDOGE token rewards, while staking AICODE can get AIDOGE, AICODE, and ARB rewards at the same time.

The updated Vault introduces concepts such as locking periods, veToken, and exit fees.

Lockup Periods

When staking tokens, users can choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. The longer the locking periods, the greater the weight.


The value of veToken is determined based on the number of staked tokens and the locking period. For the same number of tokens, the longer the staking time is, the more veTokens will be obtained. The rewards are distributed according to the proportion of the veTokens held by oneself in the current period to the total veTokens. The staking time the longer it is, the greater the reward.

veToken can be used as a voucher for community voting.

Exit Fee

After you stake tokens and selects a fixed locking time, if you needs to withdraw from staking early, the system will charge a certain proportion of the tokens as an exit fee.

The exit fee is calculated by multiply remaining staking period with 0.96%.

If you withdraw within the first week for one month period staking (i.e. 4 weeks), the exit fee will be 4*0.96%=3.84%.

If you stake it for the maximum period (2 years) and withdraw it immediately, 100% will be deducted.

The sooner you exit, the more fees you will be charged.

The exit fees collected by the platform will be distributed as follows:



Other stakers





Staking Rewards

Staking rewards are claimable once a week.

Every Thursday at 0:00 UTC is the start of a cycle. To receive rewards, you must stake for a complete cycle, that is, stake before 0:00 UTC on Thursday and not withdraw before 0:00 UTC next Thursday.

The staking page will display in real time your estimated staking income so far this week, as well as the accumulated rewards this week. When the rewards are claimable, click the "Claim" button on the page to claim them.

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