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Truth AIDOGE-AIDO is an artwork collection combining ArbDoge.AI community spirit and AIGC. Stake your AIDO to earn multiplier points.

The multiplier points accumulated by each staking AIDO are related to the distribution of royalties and follow-up airdrop.

Multiplier Points

The multiplier point is a numerical value that represents the duration of each AIDO staking. Truth AIDOGE-AIDO staking will distribute 50% of all royalty revenue from ArbDoge.AI's NFT collections.

You will receive multiplier points with your NFT staking. The number of multiplier points is based on the length of the staking and is accumulated daily, the longer the staking, the greater the multiplier points.

Users will be eligible for the "Control Unit" NFT airdrop if their stake multiplier points of AIDO meet the minimal threshold, and the multiplier point is correlated with the level of the "Control Unit" NFT airdrop.

Calculation of multiplier point

  1. The AIDO multiplier points in each staking consist of two parts: base multiplier points + bonus multiplier points.

  2. The base multiplier point for each NFT is 3650 points, and the bonus multiplier point accumulates 1 point every 144 minutes.

  3. After unstaking AIDO, the bonus multiplier points will be zeroed out.

How to stake

  1. Go to ArbDoge.AI official staking site:

  2. Connect wallet, click Stake AIDO

  3. Choose the AIDO you want to stake

  4. Complete the Stake

After staking, multiplier points will start accumulating immediately.

You can claim your rewards after the royalty distribution starts.

Royalty Distribution

AIDO stakers’ royalty revenue will be distributed according to the users‘ accumulated multiplier points.

50% of NFT royalty revenue will be transferred to this staking pool every Monday at 0:00 UTC, and users who stake this portion of NFT can claim their royalty distribution on this page after 0:00 UTC every Monday.

War or Truth: Royalty Distribution of co-created AIDOs by the community

Truth AIDOGE -AIDO follows the concept of community co-creation, and the creators of the 500 NFT avatars co-created by the community will receive 50% of the royalties.

Creators can claim their royalty distribution on the official staking site every week.

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